Team Updates

  • 01/16/17:¬†Congratulations to team member Steven on his acceptance into graduate¬†school for a PhD program!
  • 02/10/17: Congratulations to team member Aakash on his acceptance into medical school!
  • 03/01/17: Construction has begun on the Therapeutic Arthritic Glove, check in on the Media Gallery to see the progress!
  • 03/30/17: The TAG team is heading to NJIT to present their work thus far at the Northeastern Biomedical Engineering Conference (NEBEC)
  • 04/30/17: A final prototype of the TAG device has been created and modifications and improvements are to follow. Check out the Media Gallery to see the device!
  • 05/03/17: The TAG team is ready to present their work at the final senior project presentation at TCNJ.